Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Buildingstars different from other commercial cleaning franchises?

We offer the most advanced business model, with three flexible franchise programs, starting with the lowest initial investment of any commercial cleaning franchise. We also offer the only large building franchise option (“The Corporate”). We also only focus on high-quality cleaning accounts. Learn more about the Buildingstars difference. >

How much does it cost to get started with a unit franchise?

You can start your Buildingstars franchise for as low as $795. This includes a starting base of customer accounts that offer at least $1,000-$5,000 in monthly gross revenue.

If I invest in an entry-level franchise, will I receive credit toward a more advanced franchise?

Yes. 100% of the initial franchise fee is credited towards the next, more advanced franchise. This makes it easier to start at the beginning and advance at your own pace.

Why are there three separate franchise options?

We realize people have different goals. Some people are interested in a part time opportunity to supplement their full time income, some people want to grow mainly with family members and maintain a high level of quality and control. Others are more ambitious and want to grow to a multi-million dollar operation. We have identified three major growth stages from doing the work yourself, to managing a small team of employees, to managing accounts with a small team of employees in each building. Our three franchises are designed to support each growth stage.

The great thing is you don’t have to decide all at once (or upfront?). You can start part time while maintaining your full time income, then transition into a full time operation, if and when you are ready.

Why is matching the size of the facility to the franchise’s management approach so important?

As franchise owners grow their businesses, they advance from doing the cleaning themselves, to managing a few cleaners, to managing buildings large enough to justify a site supervisor and a full cleaning team. It’s important that the size of the building supports each management stage as the franchise owner grows his or her skills and confidence.

Why are high-quality accounts important to a franchise’s success?

The accounts that make up a franchise owner’s business can make or break the franchise’s success. Some accounts, such as day care centers, retail locations, health clubs, movie theaters, restaurants and bars, are particularly challenging due to the hours and cleaning requirements.

Buildingstars franchises do not clean these types of buildings. We’ve developed a process called the Degree of Management Difficulty Matrix (DMDM) that eliminates these challenging accounts, enabling our franchise owners to enjoy high-quality accounts such as office buildings. This gives our franchise owners a huge advantage.

What makes the “Corporate” franchise option so unique?

“The Corporate” franchise option is the only large building franchise available in the industry. Franchise owners in this program are some of the most successful in the industry, measured by highest average earnings over the longest period of time. Buildingstars is the only cleaning franchise that can back this up with a written earnings claim. Average monthly billing, average longevity and the ability for owners to sell the franchise and recoup their investment are all also much greater.