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Maybe you’re looking for a little extra income to make life easier for yourself and your family. Maybe you’d like to have a nest egg for retirement or college tuition. Or maybe you dream of the freedom and rewards that come with building a large, thriving business – a business that you’re proud to own. However modest or ambitious your dreams may be, the Buildingstars franchise model will help you achieve your goals.

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Commercial cleaning is a 70-billion-dollar industry that continues to grow.

Buildingstars focuses on commercial cleaning because demand stays constant during good and bad economic times – ensuring that your business won’t be affected by fluctuating trends or changes in technology.

But it isn’t just about choosing the right industry.

Successful businesses have to choose their accounts carefully as well. With our StarBuilder™ Account Profiling Program, we provide our franchise owners with the most desirable cleaning accounts based on size, hours of operation, location, industry and more. No restaurants. No health clubs or retail stores. We focus on office buildings to help you keep your schedule and workload consistent, attract quality employees and keep your customers happy.

We offer more options
than any other cleaning franchise.

How often do you want to work?

How much do you want to earn?

Do you want to increase the size your business, and, if so, how quickly?

You decide, and we’ll help you succeed. The initial financial and time commitments are low, and our Rising Star™ Management Program provides a clear path for advancement through our three franchise options:

The Technician

Build trust. Through our SmartStart™ Program, you can start your own part-time cleaning business while keeping the security and income of your current job. The initial investment is only a fraction of the cost of other cleaning franchises – and it’s the only part-time program in the industry.

The Onsite Manager

Build experience. When you’re ready, we’ll help you transition from the Technician Franchise into full-time business ownership. You’ll begin managing larger accounts, as well as a team of cleaning employees, and pitching in yourself when needed.


Build wealth. If you’ve developed the expertise and resources to manage larger tenant office buildings and small corporate headquarters, we’ll welcome you to our Corporate program. It’s the only large building franchise in the industry, and it offers the highest average gross revenue of any cleaning franchise.

We support you every step of the way.

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The team at your regional Buildingstars support center will provide an initial customer base, train you, handle billing and collection, find and manage additional accounts as you grow, provide marketing support and customer service support on your behalf. We take care of the hardest parts of growing your business so that you can stay focused on service.

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As you move through the stages of development, gaining expertise and accounts, the Rising Star™ Management Program will adapt to your needs and goals, including identifying the optimal type and size of facility for your business. Management training and support will increase your confidence, your growth and your profits.

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