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Rising Star™

Buildingstars® has developed the best possible way to build a cleaning business and we have packaged it into a proprietary operating system called Rising Star™. Through Rising Star™ we have identified the three major growth stages in the development of a cleaning business and we have created a management approach and training system for each stage. In addition, we have identified the right type and size of account that works best to support each stage. Buildingstars® uses an integrated training system that continues throughout the various stages of business development; unlike the one-size-fits-all training program offered by other cleaning franchises.

Components of the Rising Star™ model includes:

  • Matching the building size with the appropriate management stage.
  • Selecting the best type of facility to maximize growth and profit.
  • A training process delivered in stages as you grow.
  • Management approach to support each stage of development.
  • A growth stage to match the experience and resources of franchise owner.
  • Transition process from one management stage to the next.