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Focus on Quality Accounts

The best way to build a successful cleaning business is to focus on the right kind of customer accounts. We have spent over 20 years evaluating and managing almost every type of commercial cleaning account. From this experience one thing became crystal clear; not all cleaning accounts are the same. Some cleaning accounts are much easier to manage than others.

That's why we developed the Degree of Management Difficulty Matrix or DMDM. We use DMDM as a way to filter out the "operationally challenged" customer accounts. We look at several criteria such as cleaning times, fluctuation of daily cleaning requirements and over all difficulty of the cleaning to rank the manageability of the account. Then we eliminate those accounts that do not fit our business model. Buildingstars® focuses on high quality accounts like office buildings while other cleaning franchises focus on the less desirable area of the industry like car dealerships, restaurants, health clubs, daycare and retail.

We focus on the right kinds of accounts

  • Helps to increase the number of accounts you can manage
  • Helps you to keep accounts longer
  • Makes it easier to attract quality employees and keep them longer
  • Improves the value of your franchise.