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What makes Buildingstars® different from other commercial cleaning Franchises?

  • We offer the lowest initial investment of any commercial cleaning franchise.
  • We offer three franchise programs instead of one.
  • We focus on high quality accounts.
  • We have the most advanced business model.
  • We have the only large building franchise option.

How much does it cost to get started?

The cash price for the Technician program is only $995. The equipment and supply package is around $1,000. This includes a starting base of customer accounts of at least $1,000 in monthly gross revenue.

If I invest in an entry-level franchise do I receive credit towards a more advanced program?

Yes, 100% of the initial franchise fee is credited towards the next, more advanced franchise. This makes it easier to start at the beginning and advance at your own pace.

Why are there 3 separate franchises?

Buildingstars® is the only commercial cleaning franchise that offers three separate franchises. Each franchise has its own unique operating system. Each operating system is designed to identify the best size and type of account for that particular franchise.

We feel that mixing every size and type of account under the same franchise with the same management approach dramatically limits the franchisee's ability to grow the business. However, offering a separate franchise with a specific size and type of account, along with a focused management approach for each franchise program dramatically increases the franchisees success and their ability to grow.

Why is matching the correct size of the facility to the correct management approach so important?

As a franchise owner grows their business they move from being a cleaner, to managing a few cleaners, to managing buildings large enough to justify a site supervisor and a team of cleaners in each building. It is important that the size of the building supports each management stage as the franchise owner continues to grow.

Why does the type of account that a franchise cleans so important?

The type of accounts that make up a franchise owner's business can have a huge impact on their overall success. There are some accounts that are "operationally challenged" due to cleaning times and difficult cleaning requirements. Examples of these challenging accounts are day care centers, retail, health clubs, movie theaters, restaurants and bars. Rarely will you see a successful non-franchised cleaning company clean these challenging accounts. However, they make up a large percentage of the typical franchise cleaning company's customer base.

Buildingstars® is different. We have developed a process called the Degree of Management Difficulty Matrix (DMDM) that eliminates the operationally challenged account allowing our franchise owners to focus on the high quality accounts like office buildings. DMDM gives the Buildingstars® franchise owner a huge advantage.

What makes the Corporate Franchise so unique?

The Corporate is the only large office building franchise available in the industry. Our Corporate franchise owners are some of the most successful in the industry as measured by highest average earnings over the longest period of time. Buildingstars is the only cleaning franchise that backs this up with a written earnings claim.

When you compare the Corporate Franchise to other cleaning franchises you will find that the average monthly billing is much higher, the average longevity is much greater and their ability to sell the franchise and recoup their investment is much greater.